Water scarcity hit Chikwawa camps


People seeking refuge at some of the camps in Chikwawa district are at risk of suffering from hygiene related diseases as they are drinking unsafe water.

This was revealed on Wednesday following Blantyre Press Club’s visit to three of the district’s camps where they donated different items worth K3.5 million.

Chikwawa flood victims

Speaking to the journalists, Group village headman Joliji said 150 families which are camping at Partner in Harvest Church in Nyamphota are encountering hygiene challenges.

Joliji said their camp has got only one toilet and one bathroom a development which is forcing them to answer the call of nature in nearby bushes.

He also worried about safe water scarcity which he said is hitting them hard claiming they are now drinking water from the same rivers and wells where their livestock drinks.

“We have no safe water here. The water which we are drinking is from Illovo Sugar Company and the water is so harmful to us because they contain a lot of chemicals and for sure this is not safe for our lives and even our goats and cows are taking the same water.

“It’s just God himself who is containing the situation such that up until today there is no reports of cholera at our camp, otherwise it could have been another disaster,” said Village Headman Joliji.

The village headman said they tried to negotiate with shadow members of parliament to find solutions to the problem but none has shown interest

He has since asked individuals, organizations and the government to dig a borehole in the area.