UTM Shadow MP goes to hard-to-reach Thumbi with manifesto


UTM party Shadow Member of Parliament for Karonga Central constituency Florence Nthakomwa has promised to develop Thumbi which is a hard to reach place in the area of Paramount Chief Kyungu.

Nthakomwa made the promise on Sunday at a campaign rally she conducted at Thumbi school ground where she unveiled her plans for the constituency once she makes it to Parliament after the May 21 elections.

Nthakomwa-I will develop this area-Picture by Jordan Simeon-Phiri(1)

She said it was sad that despite people’s contributions to the country’s economy through tax, the area lags behind in terms of development, saying the area needs electricity, potable water, good road network, school blocks and health facilities.

“I am always touched whenever I visit this place. The road is in bad state. The school blocks around this area are in dilapidated condition with no desks, inadequacy of school blocks, teachers’ houses and hospitals do not have required health facilities.

“Women walk long distances to go to fetch water and to make matters worse, there is no electricity that could turn this area into an economic hub at village level,” Nthakomwa said.

She then implored the gathering to vote for her during the general elections and the UTM party President Saulos Chilima if the area is to be developed.

Taking his turn, the party’s regional treasurer Lusubilo Kamwambi said the May 21 polls is the only opportunity for the people of the area to get rid of leaders with no interest with their voters.

“UTM party is the only party that has put in place policies that will benefit every citizen of the country regardless of where they live. We will bring change that will surprise Malawians. Therefore, vote for Florence Nthakomwa as your MP, Mickness Bwinga as your Councillor and Chilima as your president if Thumbi is to register meaningful development,” Kamwambi said.

He said UTM party will put aside K45 million revolving fund that women and the youths will be borrowing to invest in small scale businesses for them to be self-reliant economically.

Kamwambi urged the crowd to avoid getting handouts from politicians, saying such tendencies force elected leaders to abandon their constituents for towns and cities thereby denying people social amenities.