JB tells police to first arrest Mutharika


Former President Joyce Banda has demanded the arrest of President Peter Mutharika and Zameer Karim over the Malawi police food rations scandal.

The police should arrest Mutharika

Banda said police should arrest the two instead of hunting her for her alleged role in cashgate.

She made the remarks on Monday in Karonga during a whistle stop tour.

Last year, a leaked Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) report revealed that a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) account managed by Mutharika received K145 million from Karim – owner of Pioneer Investments Limited – days after Karim benefited from the 2.7 billion deal. Karim was arrested for his role and is now on bail.

Speaking at her rally, Banda who is also leader of the People’s Party said the police should arrest Mutharika.

“We have someone whose party admitted benefiting from the 145 million kwacha. The DPP then returned the money accepting it was corruptly acquired. So, if there is someone to be arrested then let Mutharika and Zameer Karim be the first ones. Taxpayers’ money has seriously been stolen by the current administration. All these stories have been there in the country’s newspapers. Have you heard anyone being arrested, convicted and sentenced?,” question Banda.

Banda attacked the Mutharika administration for failing to fight corruption saying many cases that have occurred during Mutharika’s term have not been investigated.

She also repeated claims that K1 trillion in public funds has been stolen over the past years.

Banda said such funds include K58 billion at Escom, K54 billion at Office of the President and Cabinet, K53 billion at Immigration Department, K65 billion at ADMARC and K230 billion forensic audit.

“You want to tell me such a government has moral ground talking about ending corruption? My government then arrested 72 people after we uncovered the cashgate and some were convicted and sentenced. Tell me how many have been arrested now over these huge sums of money plundered,” Banda said.

Last week, three cabinet ministers in Mutharika’s cabinet said Banda could be arrested any time over her role in the cashgate scandal and the sale of the presidential jet during her presidency.

But during the rally the former president wondered why the Mutharika administration has failed to arrest her years after police told the nation they had credible evidence that she took part in the cashgate scandal.