Chilima will not win – T.B. Joshua


Prophet T.B. Joshua has said the prophecy attributed to him that Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima will win in May is false.

The development follows news making rounds on the social media, WhatsApp in particular, that Prophet TB Joshua prophesied that Chilima will win the coming May 21 polls.

The fake prophecy claimed that God has chosen Chilima to be Malawi’s new leader. It added that Malawi will become a rich and developed country under Chilima and will also be able to help its neighbours.

However, according to a statement by Malawi’s Emmanuel TV partners linked to the SCOAN leader, the prophecy is a work of UTM propaganda.

The partners, in a statement published in the Daily Times, said prophetic massages from Joshua are communicated through official channels which include Emmanuel TV.

They added that Joshua has never prophesied that the Malawi vice president Chilima will win the elections.

“Emmanuel TV Ministries would like to respond to the messages circulating on the social media particularly on WhatsApp claiming that the Man of God, Prophet TB Joshua has made a prophecy on Malawi Elections.

“The Man of God has not made any prophecy regarding specific persons on Malawi election and therefore any messages circulating on social media do not come from SCOAN or it’s official channels,” said the statement from Joshua’s Malawi partners.

It said SCOAN has not sent anybody as a representative and has not established a branch in Malawi adding that anything regarding the ministry will be communicated through those official channels until a representative and a branch are established.

The Emmanuel TV partners have further advised Joshua’s followers not to treat the messages circulating as true before getting confirmation from SCOAN.

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Malawi24 could however not validate the authenticity of the Daily Times advert and identity of people who paid for it.



  1. Now am proving that these prophesy are not true coz of its like urguing in false prophesy.

  2. Very true. A bit of correction thou…Allah and God r two very different entities. Allah says if a person provokes u two tyms the third tym u have that right to destroy that person….God says forgive 77000 tyms. Like it is in middle East no one forgives but tries to destroy the other person.very religious

  3. MALAWI24.COM ndi ya MCP iyi what kind of mtolankhani is this. So you ho to school and learn how to chose a heading. UTM Is winning elections. Jealous Malawians are the ones who find every possible faults to the person who is successful. Vite for UTM Chilima for true transformed Malawi.

  4. Now i’m confused because Prophet Shepard Bushiri also prophesied about DPP wining the 2019 votes by the time he was advocating his crusade held in Rusternburg South Africa. Loading…………………..

  5. Chilima can not win this is part of campaign from Joshua there is no connection between prophecy and elections vote for MCP for change instead of preaching you’re busy doing campaign why

  6. The title needs some housekeeping. Confusing indeed. Whoever comes, all what we need is leadership that values people.

  7. UTM is is very active in social media as Mr chilima said before. I trust in such manner UTM have access to propaganda just to buy poor local and underprivileged Malawians. Mr chilima is still on my pay roll though he is not giving his duties such he claims to be touch to poor Malawians. Mr chilima he is recieving full pay unlike his boss whom certain percentage is cut to revenue Malawi government. Mr chilima have never open any youth development in his life from his resources though claim to be light to youth and poor Malawians. He got his full salary and then buy wine and accessories to chill

  8. This is rubbish, Chilima is a small party, everyone can see it that he cannot win this elections and as well is proven by the demographic standings of how these political parties are doing interms of support. Fake fake fake prophecy! Don’t tell us that sh*#!t our eyes sees it. Wa Kambwe imwe…….

  9. I don’t believe in nowadays prophecy, but what I can advise Malawians is that , voting this current government is the same as digging your own graveyard. Thank you

  10. Malawi24, do you read what you write? You say that TB Joshua has denied the prophecy but at the same time you say Chilima will not win and quote TB Joshua. Please do not mislead readers!

  11. That’s a misleading headline you have put over here. He didn’t specify if he will win or not. He just shade more rights on the so called prophecy that it’s not from him thats all.

  12. Let’s leave everything in hands of God ( Allah) who knows everything that it’s going to happen on may this elections coming! Amen

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