NGOs accused of enriching themselves

Local leaders have urged the Dowa District Council to register all Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) implementing various interventions in the district claiming that most of them are briefcase organisations aiming at enriching themselves at the expense of the poor.

Former Ward councillor Jeremoth Jumbe said the district has over 35 CSOs implementing various projects but when you go to the ground, there’s nothing tangible for the people to cherish with the district remaining poor and poorer making the communities wonder the presence of NGOs in their respective areas.

A road in Dowa

Jumbe said a mapping exercise which was conducted by the NGO Board in the district last year revealed that NGOs receive funding for projects from their donors but the communities are not benefiting.

He advised fellow councillors who may come in after the tripartite elections to make a follow up on the same for the district to move from abstract poverty to prosperity.

Dowa District Commissioner Alex Mdooko concurred with Jumbe and expressed concern over many projects in one area and of similar nature with no impact on the ground.

Mdooko said it is sad to note that some NGOs are capitalising on other NGOs’ achievement, a development which demand councillors to be on the lookout for these, for the projects to benefit the communities.

In 2017, cabinet minister in the DPP led government Dr. Jean Nachika Kalilani also accused NGO leaders of enriching themselves at the expense of the poor in the district.

Dr. Kalilani said pictures of Malawians are being displayed in Europe and America for people to support them but when the support comes, it does not reach the intended poor communities of the district.