DPP government has stolen K1 trillion in five years – Chakwera

The main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president, Lazarus Chakwera, has claimed that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government has stolen 1 trillion kwacha over the past five years.

Addressing a big crowd that showed up at Chibavi primary school in Mzuzu, Chakwera said the current DPP government has no kindness with Malawians.

The MCP leader added that the DPP government is cruel and he urged Malawians never to smile at such kind of leadership if Malawi is to develop.

He said: “Use your vote to evacuate these thieves in government who have unpityingly abused your resources. Let me ask you this, do you know how much the current DPP government has stolen? One trillion kwacha has gone in their five year rule starting from 2014 till today and this has made our country suffer. Now that the power is in your hand, will you watch these thieves continue leading you”?

On the issue of Joyce Banda’s warrant of arrest, Chakwera said Banda has been in the country for about a year now and hunting her today does not make sense at all.

Chakwera added that arresting Joyce Banda will evoke Malawians’ fury.

And responding to the impending arrest, Joyce Banda said she is a threat to DPP government and that is the reason DPP government has chosen to involve politics on this issue.

Banda also assured the crowd that PP together with MCP will continue with the development of constructing decent houses for the less privileged people in the country.

“It is not surprising to see that I Joyce Banda receives such attacks. I am a tree that has captured attention of people, but this not frighten me at all, my goal is to transform poor persons in the remote area,” Banda said.

Moving to development part, Chakwera said the northern region has been discriminated all along and what the northerners have been fed are false promises only. Chakwera took time mentioning unfulfilled developments the current government pledged to do for the northerners.

According to Chakwera, Malawi Congress Party government has already baked a lot of developments for the chastised north.

For example, among intended developments Chakwera said MCP government will construct a new Airport having modern features in Mzuzu City, expand Lunyangwa dam to end water problems in Mzuzu and construct Mombera University which MCP government will rename Inkosi M’mbelwa University.

Speaking prior to Chakwera president of Freedom Party, Khumbo Kachali wooed the crowd to vote for Chakwera saying he is the only leader who can bring people from all corners of this country together.

“President Chakwera hails from the central region, our former president Joyce Banda comes from the East, Sidik Mia is from the south and I Kachali originates from here, north. This combination should tell you that MCP has finally terminated regionalism in the country,” Kachali narrated.

Among other people who attended the rally include Harry Mkandawire who is MCP vice president for the north, Director of Youth Richard Banda and some top officials from People’s Party-PP and Freedom Party- FP.



  1. But you have a leader of opposition all these years what have you done as a powerfull man? I now think you are the same we just need this chilima to see what will happen after the so called 30 days basi. Inu mukukwela Joyce oti nayenso ali ndi mavuto ake so how reliable will your govt be?

  2. inunso a chakwera ndinu akuba,mwachoka ku assemblies ndikukayamba ndale cholinga chanu ndi chani???..mulungu adakupatsani ntchito yoti musamale nkhosa zake inu kuthawa….mwati mudzitukwanizana ndi zitsulu za ndale.pokhapo ine ndimakudandaulani koopsa.ntchito ya Mulungu cant be compared to these worldly things,I have seen you defending yourself that it’s another Gods ministry,to some extent it is but you were not suppose to leave the best job God gave you….ndinu adhere a chakwera….kufuna kulemera ngakhale mukunyoza wena…

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