Joyce Banda is clean – PP

… Says DPP bitter after being rebuffed by JB

The People’s Party (PP) say its leader Joyce Banda is clean and the party is not shaken by government’s pronouncement that Banda will be arrested over her role in cashgate and the sale of the presidential jet.

The opposition party conducted a press conference on Saturday to react to government’s announcement that the arrest warrant for Banda issued last year is still valid.

PP leaders during the press briefing

PP leaders at the press briefing included Secretary General Ibrahim Matola, Publicist Ackson Kalaile, Vice President for the North Ralph Mhone and Vice President for the Centre Beatrice Mwale.

Matola said Banda was not involved in the looting of public funds during her presidency and was the one who led the fight against cashgate.

“Her Excellency Dr Joyce Banda is clean and innocent. Let us not forget it was Dr Joyce Banda who instituted the Baker Tilly report to check on the rot in the government finances,” Matola said.

Matola added that all the 72 people who were arrested over cashgate related cases did not implicate Banda in the public looting.

He said Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government wants to frustrate the PP’s alliance with the Malawi Congress Party.

PP spokesperson Ackson Kalaile concurred with Matola saying the DPP is bitter because Banda refused to enter into an electoral alliance with ruling party.

On the presidential jet, the PP leaders said Banda’s cabinet made the decision to sell the budget.

Yesterday, three cabinet ministers in the DPP administration said Banda’s turn to face the law will come since government is using a prosecution strategy to handle cases involving the plunder of public resources that occurred during Banda’s two year period as president.

Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe spoke on the jet saying proceeds from the sale of the jet cannot be traced to date and Banda is to blame.


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  1. PP is lying, how have they reached to the conclusion? I thought the courts are better placed to claar a suspect the same way they cleared Dr chaponda. JB is not a good leader she is selfish and not happy to see Malawi moving forward. How come she blocked others in PP who would want to contest as a president? I thought when one fails as a president all they can do is to give chance to others to try their lack? How come she bull dozed and contested at the convention and yet she knew she won’t compete only to block others from representing the party. MCP is PP in new brand as it is full of PP gurus: kumkuyu, gwengwe, Mia, Kachale, jb, etc. These are the people who scared away the donors. If it’s true that she is getting credit for initiating cashgate arrests, how come the donors left us? This affected governments employment muscles since 60% of our budget was just dropped by donors abrumptly. Don’t be cheated, no matter how long it will take, justice will prevail. How come karonga and others implicated her? If DPP wins again she will run away into exile for the second time. If she is really innocent, why did she run away? Be careful Malawi and you will end up in ashering thief’s in disguise into power.

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