Malawians react: Bingu’s statue doesn’t look like him

Malawians have reacted to late president Bingu wa Mutharika’s statue saying it does not resemble the former Malawi leader.

Pictures of the statue have gone viral on social media today and they have left Malawians talking.

Bingu’s statue at Parliament

The statue shows Bingu standing with his arms raised.
Malawians say the artwork does not resemble the late Malawian president.

“This is not Bingu’s statue,” social commentator Onjezani Kenani said.
Bright Theu said: “The statue is bad art. Our Bingu didn’t look half that thingy, assuming we really needed the thing in the first place.”

Some Malawians said the government should have demanded quality work from the sculptor.

“If you are paying for something, it is within your right to demand quality work. Simple logic.

“They don’t deliver quality, refuse their services and seek another supplier. What’s wrong with us people?” said Precious Mkoka.

Shaga Atto Mandebvu said: “The one last notable thing(if at all there is any) APM and the DPP led government would have done…. Alepheranso!!! #TheStatueOfBingu I mean..who does that to his own brother!!??”

Malawians have also demanded that the artwork should be returned and a new one commissioned.

“Tell them to return it back and change it, the contractor has failed the job. Are you sure after 50years Independent they whole government couldn’t send some to check and monitor how the contractor is doing the job??” said one Malawian.

While Joseph Chikwemba said: “Don’t we have the right as Malawians to reject this Statue, coz it doesn’t portray true image of our former Head of State who was our President, all of us not of the DPP party only. This one looks like zombie.”

President Peter Mutharika is expected to unveil the statue at Parliament Building on Friday which will be seven years since the death of Bingu.
A memorial for the late president will also be held on the day of the ceremony.

Construction works for the statue, which has been erected closer to the main entrance at Parliament Building, started last month.

Reports show that the statue cost government over K65 million.

The Malawi Government hired renowned South African sculptor Jean Doyle to create the statue.



  1. they have to re-do that work we need to respect that guy thats not the late Bingu that is someone whom they know themselves

  2. Akachibweze chinthuchi! This is not our beloved Bingu wa Mutharika! This is someone else in South Africa may be!!?

  3. For sure this statue is not famous, and the sculptor has failed us. This artwork is not yet up to standard. This statue does not resemble our late president Bingu wa Mutharika but his cousin. And there is no need of mounting it there, take it back to South Africa.

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