Bushiri ‘responds’ to Andu

Major 1

A post  that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri shared this morning on Facebook has been interpreted as a cryptic response to Sandra Andu Ntonya.

Ntonya, a sex worker based in the United Kingdom, alleges that Bushiri has been having webcam sex with Sosten Gwengwe’s ex-wife, Enless Masambo.

Andu is yet to present conclusive evidence to support her claims except for the voice notes 0f Masambo

Neither Bushiri nor his team have officially responded to these damaging allegations. But he took to Facebook this morning with what others consider a cryptic response.

“Do you know where your accusers are now ? Somewhere trying to forget that they ever accused you!

“Every arrow they aimed in your direction, every negative confession they spoke against you and every curse they formed for your downfall has been scattered in seven directions through the name of Jesus Christ!

“They rejected you but soon enough the whole world shall celebrate you. Receive!” he wrote.

His followers, as it is expected, are enthusiastically receiving the ‘prophecy’ by the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church leader.

Commenting on the post, Monica Jiyana wrote: “You know some times when we see that things are so difficult for us it pass our mind that when God let bad things to happen to us is the way of Him wanting us to glorify His greatness. To think that I haven’t had a good sleep since my Prophet and my church was in bad day I cry the whole night thinking that my prayers are not being heard not knowing that God of Major1 is bring together those who aiming their arrows to our church so that He can scatter them. Look now our father is being recognized by the South African Government. Now we are rejoicing. Major1 I love you may God protect you”.

Like several other followers, Stayser Charmerboy Manda commented: “I receive major and believe it’s done in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen”



  1. Major1 is my spiritual grant father in the body of Christ, and prophet Elijah is my spiritual father in the Gospel and body of Christ I know a lot of people are only trying to bring him down from continuing the work of Christ, but I believe that no matter how they try they will never succeed, though even Christ made it known in the bible that his people will suffer persecution but they should remain steadfast, major1 is a true man of God, am from Nigerian, and my prophet is a son to major1, prophet Elijah dankano DS1, I always fellow major1 on Facebook why cause I always look his teachings, I pray for more grace of God upon you papa. 08104728715.

  2. Me I do believe prophet bushiri, all that people are trying to betray him!

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