TB Joshua turns thief around


A Nigerian man has claimed prayer with T.B. Joshua caused a thief to return his stolen phone in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

In a testimony shared on Facebook, Patrick Odiong wrote, “My Android phone was stolen from my car in the traffic in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria, on my way travelling home to Calabar, Cross Rivers State.”

According to Odiong, who works as a manager in the oil industry, “When I discovered my handset was missing, I immediately began to pray.”

TB Joshual Hillary Clinton Donald Trump US Elections NigeriaHe then placed the ‘Good Morning Anointing Sticker’ from The SCOAN on the exact spot where the phone had been kept in the car. “I prayed, ‘Oh God of Prophet TB Joshua, arrest the heart of this thief and return my phone to me!’ ”

In a shocking turn of events, the repentant thief called him on his other number four days later, stating that his heart had been disturbed ever since the theft.

“He asked me to text him my address and said he was going to return my phone to me. I sent him my office address, where I was at the time and he promptly brought my phone back to me and begged me not to arrest him and to help him with transport money back to his place.”

Odiong said he provided transport money to the young man, adding that the incident significantly strengthened his faith in God’s power and protection.

The testimony was one of many shared on Joshua’s Facebook page, including a Kenyan lady in France who stated her entire family experienced breakthrough after using T.B. Joshua’s ‘Morning Water’, a Namibian healed of heart disease after praying along with Joshua and a Malawian CEO delivered from alcohol addiction through Emmanuel TV after vomiting a ‘green liquid’.



  1. You just forgot to rephrase the title of your message: to Jesus turns thieves around. Anyway, thank you for the testimonies, they strengthens our hearts knowing Joshua is indeed called, God is using everything about Joshua to glorify His name, remember God promised, that Jesus name will be honoured among nations, anymeans He is going to use to achieve that promise, your site just become addition to those. PRAAISE THE Lord JESUS. From Namibia.

  2. I lost my business my two daughters because of my wife. She framed me saying that I have beaten her and I got arrested and she filed a court interdict plus she wanted R5000 maintenance for each child. While I was busy up and down to courts she took everything that that we had and she went back to Eastern Cape to stay at the house that she built with the money from the business. I won all the cases and I got my firearm back and my license. She left me for 4 months and she has never informed any member of my family. This was caused by the life cover that I never wanted to sign which was R5200 per month which was paying Million. Today I’m nothing I lost everything that I built for 18 years. I’m now starting all over again. Pls help me and pray for me. I don’t know what to do any more. She even hired people to kill me but they failed to kill me. Pls help me Mr TB JOSHUA and if I had money I was gonna come through to you but in vain I have nothing.

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