Breaking: Government promotes 20 thousand teachers


The Malawi government has promoted up to 20,000 teachers effective this month, it has been confirmed.

This has been confirmed by Principal Secretaries in the Education and Local Government Ministries Justin Saidi and Charles Kalemba respectively.

Saidi and Kalemba: making the statement

The statement from the two Ministries says the promotions are with effect from 2nd April 2019.

According to the statement, 15,491 primary school teachers in rankings of Grades K, J and H have been promoted.

It adds that 4719 secondary school teachers have also been promoted.

The names of the teachers have been directed to Education Managers accross districts.

Ironically, the move comes just a month away from elections.

In Malawi, teachers hold posts vital in the electoral process. Such posts are Monitors and Constituency Returning Officers among others.

While, the move can be drawn to that thinking, in the recent past, teachers in Malawi have been on government’s neck pushing for promotions and pay hikes.


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