PP tells UDF to shut up: stop flaunting lies


The People’s (PP) Party has told the United Democratic Front (UDF) to stop lying about PP leader Dr Joyce Banda.

This follows remarks by United Democratic Front legislator and Vice President Lilian Patel during a series of rallies in the Eastern Region recently.

Patel said People’s Party is taking its supporters for granted by dragging them into an alliance with Malawi Congress Party (MCP) which has an atrocious past.

In a statement Monday signed by PP publicity secretary Ackson Kalaile, the former ruling party said the remarks show a shameless lack of understanding of Malawi’s history.

“We hereby ask Hon Patel to honourably shut up because her sentiments are doing more damage to her own fading party.

“She might want to be reminded that most of the remnants of the single regime are now in the UDF and ruling Democratic Progressive Party. For instance, the current patron and underground schemer of UDF, H.E Dr.Bakili Muluzi once served as Secretary General of the old MCP,” PP said.

The People’s Party added that it has treated its supporters with the respect they deserve by keeping them abreast of the internal ongoings.

“Every sane Malawian knows that the UDF has now become a laughing stock in the eyes of Malawians for failure by its leadership to be decisive on the party’s future.

“For the past five years UDF supporters have stood aside and watched their leader solely benefiting from the DPP/UDF alliance. Such conduct by UDF leadership is evidence enough that it is taking its supporters for granted,” PP says in its statement.

Meanwhile, the People’s Party has urged all political parties to campaign using truth and facts to avoid shaming themselves and contradicting the reality on the ground

“As a democratic party we will not infringe on the rights of others to say what they want but at the same time we will not be silent when greedy and indecisive leaders waste people’s precious time telling them lies and fabrications.”