Voters confused as DPP supports two aspirants in same constituency


Voters from Nsanje South West constituency have blamed the ruling Democratic Progressive Party for not coming clearly in the open as to who the constituents should vote for since the party has been seen supporting two contestants.

The confusion was registered on Wednesday when an independent contestant Eurita Mtiza was launching her campaign at Dinde Full Primary School where officials, who said were from the party’s Southern region office were in attendance and endorsed her candidacy.

Mtiza : independent candidate

“This is very strange, how do they explain the existence of two DPP candidates, this is cause for chaos and that is why people keep on fighting because even the leaders are confused and what would you expect with followers?” wondered Emily Dailesi of Ndenguma village.

Another observer Bamusi Mafunga of Nthole village said: “While all aspirants originated from DPP, it is important for the party to show distinction who they are supporting as this would in the end divide votes and the party may not have a candidate.”

In an interview after the launch, Mtiza justified that she was at liberty to support the president she wants and for her she feels DPP’s presidential candidate Peter Mutharika is the rightful candidate for the presidency come May 21.

“I have the right to endorse the president of my choice and Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika is the one I support and people should vote for me and him,” said Mtiza.

Mtiza said her key priority was to see that education is prioritised to make the people of Nsanje SW gain knowledge that they may use to develop their area. She noted that one reason why her area lags behind in developmental activities is due to lack of knowledge as a result of low literacy levels.

Chakuamba: DPP official

Responding to how Mtiza enjoys support from DPP despite being an independent candidate, Yesaya Dave Chakuamba who claimed to be a party official from the southern region DPP headquarters said he has chosen to support Mtiza as an individual.

However, during the proceedings of the campaign launch rally, Chakuamba was touted as an authority from the party’s headquarters in the southern region.

Mtiza will contest against Helen Buluma of DPP, Chidanti Malunga of UTM and McLean Ndafakale of MCP.