Demon violently attacks T.B. Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua was physically attacked by a ‘demon’ that had possessed a woman who he was praying for.

The woman, Mrs Cecilia Mpofu Nyachuru, visited SCOAN for deliverance from an addiction called pica disorder.

Pica disorder is a psychological disorder characterized by an appetite for eating anthill soil and crushed stones.

TB Joshua attacked

According to health experts, pica disorder increases the risk of gastro-intestinal obstruction, development of stomach ulcers and ingestion of parasitic organisms.

The moment T.B. Joshua started praying for the woman who hails from Zimbabwe but lives in South Africa, she immediately threw a plate full of soil and stones at him.

After being prayed for and purportedly healed from her addiction, she instantly spit out in disgust the soil she had attempted to eat.

“I can’t touch it any more. I can’t eat it” she said, explaining that before being prayed for, she would treat the soil as dessert.

Watch the full clip below.