Court denies bail for Chakwera’s guard in albino bones case


The Lilongwe Magistrate Court has today denied bail for Lazarus Chakwera’s guard Dekhani Kaphamtengo.

Kaphamtengo was arrested for trading in human body parts belonging to a person with albinism.

Some social media agents on Wednesday spread a rumour that Chakwera’s guard had been released on bail. It turns out that this rumour was propaganda given the events in court this morning.

In court today, 28 March 2019, Police  prosecutor passionately argued that the case “is a serious and sensitive matter”.

He further argued that allowing a premature bail before investigations are completed may make it look like police and the court are colluding to take the matter lightly.

Following this argument, Senior Resident Magistrate Florence Msekandiwana ruled that the suspect must continue to stay in police custody for five more days until investigations are concluded.

Lawyer Donvan Silungwe, who initially declined to represent the suspect because the case offended his morality has surprisingly returned to court today.

Silungwe who Chakwera has hired for the suspect is probably the most expensive lawyer in Lilongwe. The hiring of this expensive lawyer has raised questions of why Chakwera is defending the suspect.

As investigations continue, police believe that Kaphamtengo has the body parts somewhere but he is pretending that he was lying.

According to a police report, Kamphamtengo, 41, was apprehended following a tip that he was selling body parts of a person with albinism.

Kaphamtengo informed police in his sworn statement that he works for Lazarus Chakwera.

“Facts of the case are that the reporter got a tip that the above suspect was offering for sale bones and a womb of a person with albinism.

“They agreed to meet the suspect at centre Golden Peacock Hotel with the officers who posed as buyers and offered to buy the said human tissues at K5 million,” reads the confidential police situation report dated March 27, 2019.

However, according to the report, the Police officers who posed as buyers did not find the alleged body parts when they went to the house of the suspect after arresting him.

National Police spokesperson James Kadadzera confirmed the arrest adding that the suspect works as a security guard at Chakwera’s Area 10 residence according to the recorded statement.

Meanwhile, Lazarus Chakwera is under heavy artillery fire as civil society organisations and faith groups demand answers on his connection.

Chakwera told Malawians that he knows the syndicate that is killing and abducting albinos in February 2019.