Couple dumps ‘demon-possessed’ furniture

A couple in Namibia dumped their furniture valued at over two million Kwacha after their prophet ordered them to do so. The prophet claimed the furniture was possessed with demons and evil spirits, and was the source of the family’s incessant bad luck.

A report shared by the Namibian says the items which include sofas and a flat screen TV and are all black in color were left at the dumping site at Ongwediva but are now taken into police custody.

“The items are now being kept by the police in case the couple would eventually change its mind” reports the publication.


Ottilie Kashuupulwa, police head of operations in Oshana where the items are stored, said they were informed by the Ongwediva Town Council after a security guard on duty at the dumping site noted that items in a good condition had been dumped at the site.

Commenting on the story, Paulo Happy Entertain, said “I think the problem is the security officer on duty who was quick to report it to the police, but Pastor asked the couple to dump the furnitures so that he can pick it up thereafter!”

“Somebody please go and remove that baby from their house because they have clearly lost their minds” recommended Bei-rose Shiimbi.

The couple, whose names Kashuupulw.a said should not be released, got married in 2017 and have a four-month-old baby.
























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  1. Shaaa!,next time that pastor wil preach the divorce in ord to take the congricant’s wife

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