HRDC calls off March 27 demos


The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has called off anti-government demonstrations which were scheduled to take place on 27th March.

Speaking with reporters in Lilongwe today, National Chairperson for HRDC Timothy Mtambo said that the decision has been made due to the state of disaster in the country.

HRDC leaders during a press briefing

Mtambo explained that they thought it wise to join Malawians who are going through difficult times more especially people who have been affected by floods in different parts of this country.

“We cannot be on the streets protesting while our bothers and sisters are dying, it is only human and prudent of us to momentarily shelve our plans, Malawi is mourning,” he said.

He added that people who were geared to participate in the demonstrations have been heavily affected, some lost their lives and it is human to mourn the lives lost and intensify relief efforts to mitigate the impact the floods.

He then urged international community to continue supporting Malawi in this time of need.

Mtambo however warned Malawi Police Services and ‘regime thugs’ to be aware that no amount of terror will intimidate them into abandoning their call and promise to defend human rights. He also pledged to continue monitoring the political landscape.

HRDC planned to hold the protest to condemn rampant corruption in the country, killings and abductions of people with albinism as well as abuse of the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation and Malawi Police Service.



  1. Useless group of people. Just change to a political party.

  2. Amangwetu tangozisiyani izi..palibe chothandiza APA even if you do the dems… chisankho chayandikira so why waste time @ these trying times.. cyclone floods, old bridge & now lorry accident. Mr mtambo just swallow your pride

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