UTM fights over Mk150m from the ‘Bishops’, Kaliati gets Mk70m she contributed, Mk20m to sponsor terror on innocent Malawians

Vice President Chilima

United Transformation Movement (UTM) of Saulos Klaus Chilima has been divided over the MK150 Million which was given to them by the catholic Bishops. This publication can exclusively reveal.

Saulos Chilima is on record to have told Bishop Msusa that UTM was experiencing financial problems, which were crippling his presidential bid, and Msusa vowed to assist him through his fellow Bishops.

We can reveal that Msusa mobilized fellow Bishops and raised MK 150 million for Chilima’s campaign which was given to the UTM party through Secretary General, Patricia Kaliati.

Patricia Kaliati kept quiet until other officials learnt that the money was given to her, and they set for a meeting to map the way forward on how the money will be used for the campaign.

Verified information has revealed that on 20th March, 2019. UTM officials met at St Johns Parish Hall from 4:00pm to come up with an action plan and expenses from the MK 150 million Msusa gave to UTM.

The meeting was chaired by Ben  Chidyaonga and among other notable people who were present were ; Andrew Kamlopa, Loveness Gondwe, Benjamin Sambiri, Kondwani Kulemeka, Paul Chibingu, Cecilia Makuta  and Chikumbutso Hiwa.

Those present at the meeting agreed to call Patricia Kaliati who despite being invited to the meeting, she was absent without giving notice and by this time, she was the one in the custody of the MK 150 million which Thomas Msusa and fellow Bishops gave to UTM.

We have established that Kondwani Kulemeka called Patricia Kaliati on her phone number 0881 096 648 and put her on the loudspeaker so that the rest of the people in the meeting could hear her.

Kulemeka asked Kaliati that the people were ready to start planning and wanted the money as emails had been seen confirming that Msusa had given her the money.

A furious Patricia Kaliati told the meeting that the people had to plan their events within MK 80 million, since she had taken her MK 70 million she contributed to the party when it was starting and that no one can stop her from doing so.

This did not go well with others who thought Kaliati’s actions were not justified.

“I have taken my money, I contributed it to the party so I am also withdrawing it to use it in my constituency,   because I want to retain my seat and I need money. Who in the executive has helped me with my campaign so far? ” She asked.

Kaliati shouted that the DPP wants her down so she is justified to get the money as she needs it in her constituency. In fact, have you seen me in your meetings of recent?” charged Kaliati.

Chidyaonga then told the 23 members present at the meeting  that they did not have an option but spend within the MK M80 million which is guaranteed to be there and forget of the MK 70 million with Kaliati.

We can reveal that UTM has planned to cause civil unrest in Malawi by setting aside MK 20 million kwacha to be given to thugs, vendors and other unscrupulous people to be terrorizing innocent citizen, each one of the people will be getting Mk 10,000 per mission.

The secret behind this is to ensure that innocent citizens suffer and put the blame on the government that it is not protecting its citizens, and there is need to kick it out of power, we can reveal.

MK20 million has been budgeted to be allocated to Saulos Chilima’s wife, Mary. Women in UTM and others across the country will be fooled by being given a little cash to start business during this campaign period time, the move behind is to make them believe that UTM will create a fund for women and that’s a pilot phase and once voted into power, UTM will continue doing that but this is a total lie aimed at foolish Malawians.

The meeting ended with a resolution that the MK 40 million left should be used to buy voters and convince them to vote for UTM since the current MEC arrangement cannot give them room to rig, and that with the situation on the ground UTM cannot win so they must try to buy and bribe the voters.

A resolution was also made that a message should sent to Bishops Msusa for rescuing them at a time that they were in financial crisis which affected their campaign.

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  1. Respect our church leaders these are men God, I don’t think this is true.

  2. A stupid story written by a stupid person. No one can buy your story. How much has the DPP paid you for this trash? Malawians are not stupid at all.

  3. I am catholic by faith. Our churches in rural areas are not in good conditions, ena ndi ofolela ndi maudzu. To our bishops are you their to save us or politicians. You are giving us target for church contributions

  4. Really? If Kaliati wants to use the money for campaigning isn’t that good for UTM?

  5. You stupid fuck! Ukuona ngati tonse opusa eti? Some of us have the ability to read articles without party colours blinding us hence we can see bullshit from afar.

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