TIYO graduates 24

Youths across the country have been challenged to embrace technical education if they are to attain socio-economic development.

Tithandizane Youth Support Organization (TIYO) co-founder and executive director Aubrey Duwa made the remarks when the Balaka based non-profit organization graduated 24 youths in various apprenticeship skills.

Duwa: enouraged the youths

Duwa said the organization started offering technical skills in order to complement government efforts in its drive to equip youngsters with technical education.

He explained that the organization decided to embark on offering these courses to counter-attack the burdens of unemployment among the youths in the country.

“A lot of youths feel depressed after failing to secure a place at a university of their choice. Eventually, they go into bad morals like smoking and drinking. This acts as a diversion therapy,” he explained.

Duwa added that the organization works hand in hand with the district social welfare office in identifying the vulnerable and underprivileged youths to benefit in the 6 month long free training initiative.

As a way of monitoring progress of the organization, TIYO intends to equip the graduating students with tools so that they can venture into entrepreneurship.

Du2q urged the graduands to actively use the skills inorder to make positive strides in their businesses.

He said: “Your graduation today signifies that you are ready to show what you are capable of. Therefore, go out there  and use the skills that you have acquired from your studies as a means to provide opportunities to others, not out of a sense of paternalistic philanthropy, but out of a sense of duty to give to other people what Tithandizane has given you.”

Martha P.Lunda is one of the beneficiaries graduating with a certificate in computer studies. The vividly ecstatic young woman hails the organization for drawing her into the training initiative saying her time at the institution has given her necessary skills to run computer operations.

Tiyo was co-founded by Aubrey Duwa and his dutch counterpart Marlou Reiding and it provides various technical education ranging from; carpentry, tailoring, computer studies and entrepreneurship.