The JB effect: Faustace Chirwa leaves PP after MCP deal

Just days after People’s Party (PP) President Joyce Banda revealed that there were disagreements in the party on whether to settle for MCP or UTM, one executive member has called it quits over the series of incidents.

Faustace Chirwa who was PP’s Deputy Publicity Secretary has resigned from the party on reasons that she had supported the UTM deal and not the MCP one – which the PP has now settled for.

Joyce Banda has endorsed Chakwera

She says she still honors the PP’s ‘abrupt’ change of decision to instead endorse the MCP.

“Since my whole purpose for supporting the Former President and her Party has been to see her lead the Nation after May 21, her unexpected change of heart and her withdrawal from the Presidential Race has totally devastated me and undermined my advocacy in promoting her to be the country’s leader once again! I was always proud to associate myself with the Former President and to serve on her NEC. Suffice to mention that I don’t subscribe to the decision to work with MCP and it’s leadership, not for any negative reason but simply guided by my right to freedom of association” wrote Chirwa in her resignation letter dated March 20, 2019.

The PP broke away from the UTM just 48 hours after releasing a statement it was partnering with the Saulos Chilima led UTM.

Days later, the PP announced it had endorsed the MCP with Banda pulling out of the presidential race and saying she will support the Chakwera led MCP.

Banda told the media that the UTM failed to give in to initial agreements with the PP and members like her in the executive committee were seemingly exenorated for calling for the deal to be with the MCP and not UTM.



  1. chipani cha PP kuluza mu 2014 was luck of vision of the results after the race.. & it is a lesson to the leadership..she would have endorsed chakwera as president in PP/MCP alliance & they would have won the 2014 elections.. apa ndiye agwira njakata a PP kuleka alliance with UTM

  2. JB is totally confused. MCP must quickly make a U-turn to reduce the negative impact this alliance might have on it’s election chances. They are better off without PP.

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