Mwenifumbo, Mwalwanda clash

A war of words ensued on Wednesday at Karonga Museum between Frank Mwenifumbo and Dr Cornelius Mwalwanda after the two accused each other of failing to bring development in the constituency.

Speaking when he was giving his closing remarks during a debate on extractive industry which was organized by the Catholic Commission fo Justice and Peace (CCJP) in the diocese of Karonga among shadow Members of Parliament in the district, Mwalwanda said his political rival has left no legacy for the constituents since 1999.

Mwalwanda and Mwenifumbo during the debate

“Yes, let me ask you, when did Mwenifumbo become a Member of Parliament? And what is it that he has not fulfilled during his three terms which he would want to fulfill now?” Mwalwanda queried as he prompted a lot of cheering from the audience.

Mwalwanda’s remarks did not go well with Mwenifumbo who immediately rose, visibly angry, and asked Mwalwanda to explain what development he brought during his term.

“I have brought Mwenilondo health centre, Mlare health centre, Lupembe guardian shelter and I have also constructed several schools, where is your development?” Mwenifumbo asked.

The debate reached a climax when the two heavyweights started pointing fingers at each other.

In the 2019 elections, Dr Mwalwanda is contesting on MCP ticket while Mwenifumbo is contesting on AFORD ticket.

The debate was organized by CCJP with funding from Oxfam.