UTM looks to consolidate footprints in Salima

UTM says the party is ready to consolidate its footprints in each and every part of Salima Central Constituency through campaign rallies where it will also sell their manifesto to the electorate in preparation for May tripartite 21 polls.

Speaking in an interview on Tuesday after visiting some parts of the constituency, UTM’s aspirant Member of Parliament Joshua Chisa Mbele was satisfied with the turnout of people during the tour.

Chisa Mbele in specs ready to brief people at Maganga school ground in a rally after finalizing a whistle stop tour in Salima Central Constituency

“We believe that with the official launch of the campaign we are going to deepen the party’s footprints by reaching each and every part of the constituency selling our manifestos to the voters so they can make an informed decision,” he said.

Chisa Mbele further commended the introduction of a law which ban handouts to the electorate during campaign period saying the system of hand-outs brought a brand of politics which is alien and that it has affect the country’s democracy.

He said the system of giving handouts to the people has made most of the electorate choose wrongly because they focus on materials given to them from the aspirants instead of manifestos which are very important to scrutinize so as to make an informed decision in voting the right candidate into power.

Concurring with the aspirant, Constituency Campaign Director James White said the party will make sure to work towards achieving the Malawi Electoral Commission’s (MEC) 2019 campaign theme “consolidating Malawi Democracy through Peaceful Campaign” by putting in place well and disciplined security men and women throughout the campaign period to avoid violence.

He also said the party will follow all the laws related to campaign and elections so that the polls should be free and fair to all in line with the country’s constitution.