Saulos Chilima and his claim of rigging elections

Saulos Chilima is a monstrous, ruthless, power-hungry politician. Let me get that off my chest immediately. I find much of what this former business executive says to be self-servingly repellent, and when it comes to leadership, he sounds and act like a naïve, timid schoolboy.

Once again, UTM president Saulos Chilima told people who gathered at one of his rallies in Dedza on Tuesday 19th May, 2019 that the ruling DPP will not rig the elections because they are mafana (amateurs). What message is Chilima trying to send to the electorate, precisely his supporters? Is he trying to convince us that elections are rigged in Malawi? Mind you, he is the vice president of the country duly elected in 2014 tripartite elections. Is he trying to say that he is a beneficiary of rigged elections? Wait a minute, he calls DPP amateurs who cannot outwit him and his team in a game of elections rigging, is he trying to say that he is a seasoned rigging expert? So, will it be wrong to conclude that UTM is a bunch of people who proudly circumvent the law.

So I think it is perfectly legitimate to ask Saulos Chilima and say, what makes you think DPP will rig the elections? You categorically denied so many times after the 2014 presidential elections that DPP did not meddle in the elections but they won fair and square and you made it very clear in the past that it is impossible to rig elections because the electoral system in Malawi is very transparent and it involves all stakeholders from voting to counting and finally tallying the results.

If Chilima wants us to believe that he is very smart as he boasts, then he should be brutally blunt and tell us that it is possible to rig elections and give us examples of how an election can be rigged. I think the right strategy with someone like him is to be brutally honest with us, tell us how DPP is planning the elections and how the electorate can come in to help the situation.

However, it is very clear that Chilima is trying to abuse his supporters. By crafting this self-serving, rankly hypocritical garbage, he knows exactly what he is doing. He is trying to brain wash them and make them believe that if his party loses the election they should not accept the results. He is trying to influence and corrupt voter patterns and voting thinking. He wants people to go vote with the idea in mind that DPP will rig.

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