MBS orders recall of SOBO Squash

Castel risks losing its permit for SOBO if it fails to withdraw the drink from the market by March 29 as directed by the Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS).

The regulatory body has ordered Castel to withdraw certain batches of SOBO Orange Squash over poor quality.

Bad SOBO on the market

The batch numbers for Orange Squash that has been recalled from the market B06, B0702,B1102, B1302, B1602, B1802, B2102, B2502, B2602, B2702, B3602, B207, B208 and B226.

MBS deputy director general Willy Muyira said laboratory tests done on the product earlier this year showed that Castel did not comply with required standards.

People in the country complained over the poor quality of the SOBO Orange Squash prompting MBS to test the drink.

According to MBS, the bureau will confiscate the drink if Castel does not comply with the order.

MBS will also be forced to revoke Sobo Orange Squash permit in accordance with MBS Act Number 14 of 2012.

This is the second time for MBS to order the withdrawal of SOBO drink after similar action last year.