ECG heeds APM’s call

The Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) in Malawi on Tuesday donated assorted relief items to over 150 families that have been affected by flooding activities in the central region district of Dedza.

The move follows President  Peter Mutharika’s call for humanitarian assistance in areas ravaged by floods.

Reverend Ortis Bushiri handing over some of the relief items to the victims

ECG leader Prophet Shepherd Bushiri made on Sunday calling on national offices in the affected countries of Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique to lead in responding to disasters that have fallen these nations.

About 150 people have died, hundreds more missing and over 1.8 million people affected by flooding activities due to Cyclone Idai blowing from the Indian Ocean.

Leading ECG Malawi team, Reverend Ortis Bushiri said there is no way the church can remain silent when people are facing challenges such as flooding.

He added that the church is a place of solutions, as such, when the President of Malawi, Mutharika, made the call, ‘we had to respond’.

“We have only managed to reach out to 150 families and we have promised to stand with them through out until all the 8000 families have experienced the love of Christ.

“We thought it wise to come and show them the love of Christ through giving and knowing that Giving is one of the core values of the ECG Church and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri ministries,” he said.



  1. It is good to give and help those in need , but charity starts at home Mr. What about the baby that you are denying, please take responsibility of your daughter. Do what’s right and God bless.

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