Prophet Bushiri awarded in S.A for humanitarian work: Cabinet Minister Mantashe graces event

South Africa’s renowned charity organization, Sakhululeka Isizwe, has recognized and awarded Prophet Shepherd Bushiri for his continued humanitarian work across the world.

Founder of the organization, East London-based Chief Makinana said Prophet Bushiri’s humanitarian work expecially towards children and youths is not something that should go without mention.

Presenting the award to one of Bushiri’s officials on Saturday last week in East London, Makinana underlined that his organization will continue to support Bushiri to ensure that his dream of touching people is not realized and not disturbed.

The ceremony, which was organized to raise funds to support Frere Hospital in the area, was graced by Minister of Mines Gwede Mantashe.

In his speech, Mantashe said the ruling African National Congress (ANC) was founded in church and it encouraging to note that ECG and Prophet Bushiri are championing humanitarian activities.

After the ceremony, the Sakhululeka Isizwe Charity organization pledged R 10 000 to help children who are suffering from Cancer, and ECG through Prophet Shepherd Bushiri pledged R300 000.

ECG resident pastor for East London Apostle Baloyi said his church believes in feeding people both with spiritual and physical need. He said Prophet Bushiri always make it clear that ECG should always preach beyond the pulpit.



  1. This guy is crook don’t believe him they are all the same I mean all prophet it’s business

  2. People places if you don’t have any thing to say, stop talking about my Father Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, are you not even ashamed that God said touch not my prophets? I forgive you but repent. Love you papa.

  3. What happened to conman Bushiri’s $100 Billion AFRICCI fund scam. Why doesnt malawi take back Africa’s greatest fraudster and scammer. The Daddy of lies , Conman Bushiri ? S Africa doesnt want this crook !

  4. Sipho dgh_You don’t know what you are saying. Wholesome tongue it’s a tree of life:perverseness it’s a breach in the spirit.

  5. That’s my Dad, u really deserve it and I’m proud of you

  6. The great work you do my prophet is amazing. keep on blessing South African people and beyond. I will always support you.

  7. Am very proud of Major 1 Prophet of the nation PAPA Shepard Bushili ..u r Blessed and keep on blessing others I silut you PAPA

  8. Lies. We do not want him in SA take him back Malawi please

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