Dowa holds prayers for people with albinism, elections


The Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) in Dowa on Saturday organised an interdenominational prayer service for people with albinism and peaceful tripartite elections held at the Assemblies of God church in the district.

The prayer services were held following remarks made by the organisation’s District Coordinator for Dowa, Reverend Peter Waya, who assured the District executive council committee in February that church leaders are equally concerned with the abductions and killings of persons with albinism and are spending sleepless nights praying for God’s interventions to end their sufferings.

Waya: prayers were prompted by the cries

Rev. Waya said the church  joins all Malawians in sympathising  people with albinism as they are being hunted like animals, observing that those who are after their skin and bones are members of the church and some are holding key positions in the church.

During the day, the congregation prayed that those who shed blood should be revealed and caught, asking God Himself to end this, because humans are failures and only God end it all, asking for wisdom to all those working in the security and Judiciary sectors as well as to have peaceful tripartite elections in Malawi and to be given a good leader.

EAM District Coordinator for Dowa, Reverend Peter Waya, said the prayers were prompted by the cries of the country, the cries of the leaders of the country, the cries of the communities and the church as to where the country is going to.

Rev. Waya said the country has tried and now the church is the last hope for everyone as it has a readily available platform for spreading such messages.

Senior Deputy Commissioner of Police and Dowa Police station Officer In-Charge who was also the guest of honour at the function,  Maxmas Thomson Bakali, urged those who know about the markets for people with albinism to report to police.

Bakali said it is every person’s duty to be on the lookout for anything suspicious particularly to our brothers and sisters with albinism saying everyone is a soldier.

Reverend Joseph Chagunda of Kongwe CCAP church in his sermon, encouraged people with albinism to always lean on prayer throughout their lives saying God is watching and will punish the enemies.

Rev. Chagunda said Malawians should know that with faith, the country can receive a miracle and change, referring to the Holy Bible testimony that God sent an angel to break chains and Peter was saved, leaving a question to the congregation: what is our problem with God?

Chiefs, pastors and several officers from different sectors of the Dowa District Council graced the event with the committee planning to hold other prayers elsewhere in the district on the 6th April with many other similar programs in the future.