Chitoliro Arts at the centre of multi-college music tour


New talent uplifting brand Chitoliro Arts has organized a music tour whose main targets are colleges in the country.

The tour will start on 30th march and it will attract heavyweights in the country`s music industry. Some of the targeted colleges are Chancellor in Zomba, Natural Resources in Lilongwe, and DMI in Mangochi.

Mphatso Phiri of Chitoliro

The tour`s maiden show will take place at Chancellor College`s Great hall, then Natural Resources College on 6th April, Livingstonia University on 26th April, Malawi University of Science and Technology on 4th May, and DMI on 1st June.

Dates for other colleges will be announced in due course. These institutions are Bunda, Mzuzu University, and Kamuzu College of Nursing.

This is one of Chitoliro`s efforts in providing promotion to local musicians given the shortage of promoters in Malawi.

“We have seen the mushrooming of artists, producers, videographers but not many promoters. We are sure we will make a difference,” said Mphatso Phiri one of the company`s directors.

Some of the artists who will be part of the tour are Malinga Mafia, Tsar Leo, Waxy Kay, Charisma, Tsar Leo, Dylan and Focus.