Kyungu urges students to reject greedy politicians

Paramount Chief Kyungu of Karonga and Chitipa districts has advised students of Marianist Initiative for Rural Artisans Christian Life and Education (MIRACLE) technical college in Karonga district to desist from being used by greedy politicians ahead of the May 21 tripartite polls.

Kyungu offered this piece of advice Saturday afternoon when he took time off his busy schedule to attend the closing ceremony of the college’s week long cultural week whereby students at the institution were given an opportunity to display their cultural values through dressing, language and traditional dances.

Kyungu, against use of students for political gains

In his speech as a guest of honour, the Paramount Chief warned the students without mincing words not to form school political party groups that will be used by greedy politicians during campaign which is due to open on March 20 to castigate or disrupt other party meetings.

He said: “Let me take this opportunity to urge you and any other student in Malawi not to be used during campaign by politicians. They will entice you with money to buy beer to disturb their opponents’ rallies or offer them morale during their political party meetings, say no to that.

“This is not your time for politics. Right now concentrate on your studies and excel in life as education is power that will liberate you from the miserable conditions as also you have a future to shape.”

He also issued a stern warning to male teachers against exploiting and abusing students by dangling carrots to mess up with their education, saying as a HE4SHE champion he will not tolerate any deplorable behavior that would ruin a girl child’s future.

“As a traditional leader myself and a HE4SHE champion, I will not fold my arms and watch teachers who take advantage of girls’ poverty and entice them with money in the process destroying their education neither will I clap hands for harmful cultural beliefs such as kuthola minga and kusasa fumbi at the expense of a girl child,” Kyungu said.

Taking her turn, the college’s Principal Wanangwa Sichone said her school conducts this cultural event annually as one way of unifying students through various activities in terms of culture.

She said the country is blessed with very rich cultural values that when brought together and preserved are capable of developing Malawi through foreign currency brought by tourists.

“These activities give our students an opportunity to tell us who they are, where they are from and what they are capable of doing. We are glad that during this week we were able to interact in various languages that are spoken in Malawi, students were able to sing and dance traditional dances such as gule wamkulu, ingoma, beni, mwinowe, manganje and many more from across Malawi,” Sichone said.

Speaking on behalf of the students, Messiah Kawiya hailed the school administration for the week that according to him had taught all students cultural lessons that no any other culture is superior to the other and that they will cherish for the event for years to come.

MIRACLE technical college is a Catholic institution under Karonga diocese that is run by Marianists brothers with an enrollment of about five thousand students.
































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  1. who told you Kyungu is chief of Karonga and Chitipa as well , you don’t know that in Chitipa, we have , Chiefs like, Mwaulambya, Kameme, and other chiefs so which side of chitipa is this kyungu ruling, that’s misinterpretation, if you are not from Karonga or Chitipa don’t write nonsense issues , Kyungu is not from Chitipa he is Chief in Karonga Chitipa is another district, . Do you know Chief Mbelwa he is influential Chief but he never rule Mzimba and Rumphi because its different district.

    know from today that kyungu is for karonga not chitipa, karonga nayeso ali ndi mbali yake imene amalamula not the whole karonga no. in karonga we have , Wasambo, Mwilang’ombe, Kilupula and Kyungu you are talking about you can see by yourself , that your mfumu has no place in chitipa, foolish reporter, check before you write your story.

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