Joyce Banda says Chakwera has no ego

For Joyce Banda, the People’s Party (PP) was only looking for a party and leader without personal ego to work with to develop Malawi.

She made the remarks today when she was announcing an electoral alliance with the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in Lilongwe.

Lazarus Chakwera and Joyce Banda

Her sentiments comes just weeks after seeing a purported alliance with Saulos Chilima’s UTM break away just after 48 hours from an initial announcement the parties would be heading into an alliance.

The alliance broke up over what Banda today told the press was a failure by the UTM to agree and sign a prepared Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

She added that it was her that was against the majority in the PP Executive Committee that opted for the UTM over MCP.

“I had always wanted the MCP. But you know the majority at the meeting voted for UTM. The same majority came back asking the party out of the alliance having seen the failure by the UTM to leave to some agreed issues. I was exonerated,” she said.

The former Malawi President had also said she has been meeting MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera and his vice Sidik Mia from 2015.

According to Banda, the agreement is beyond 2019 with Chakwera saying the alliance will not work towards weakening any of the two parties.

Their alliance faces up against, top on the table the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), the UTM and the UDF.


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  1. JB in desperation. Only yesterday she spoke well of Chilima. Today it’s Chakwera. Jail awaits you.

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