How JB has finally captured MCP

Is anyone surprised? Appalled, yes. Horrified, yes. Sickened, yes. But surprised? I doubt anyone was genuinely surprised by the breaking news this morning, news of a leaked document detailing Joyce Banda’s plans to take over MCP and resurrect her political career.

Joyce Banda left Malawi in 2014 with her head hanging in shame as she was still struggling to come to terms with her miserable loss of the 2014 presidential election. the loss came like a heavy swinging door to her, she never saw it coming. She was surrounded by political crooks who lied to her all day long that Malawians were head over heels in love with her and that a landslide victory was nigh. Alas, she came third. It was hard to process for her. She felt betrayed by Malawians who thronged her rallies but denied her their vote. She yelled and screamed at everyone who came her way, blaming everyone for her loss. A week later, she left for the USA.

She hopped from one State to another, doing much ado about nothing. She trekked down to Republic of South Africa but never bothered to come home to Malawi. She left her party in tatters as her high ranking officials joined other parties. Her party was weakened and on deathbed just like her political career. The writing was on the wall; her scandalous political career was hanging by a thread. The wonderful performance of DPP and APM back home did not do her any good, it further ripped her into shreds as people compared her miserable two-year rule to APM’s.

As she was in RSA, JB commissioned university think-tank to draw up a plan that could resuscitate her political career and her party. The key delivery objective of the Think-tank at that time was to devise a plan for Joyce Banda to return home and return to politics after the Cash Gate Scandal. The political think-tank, a team of scholars from Witwatersrand University advised her that there was no way her party could hit the ground running again.  They advised her to use an existing party with noticeable structures, infiltrate it and control it.


Part of the strategy included that Joyce Banda had to keep quiet, avoid Malawi and make people forget cash gate, pay international PR agencies to arrange international presentations and articles that re-image Joyce Banda as a saint.

MCP was chosen because of its poor leadership and its urgent need for strengthening. Prior to MCP’s convention in 2018, PP party officials poured into the party, undocumented and unchecked. They took over key positions at the convention circumnavigating the line of loyal and old party members who were waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become party leaders. The following PP members were elected into MCP’s National Executive committee; Sidik Mia (first vice president), Harry Mkandawire (second vice president), Moses Kunkuyu (Director of Campaign), Dr. Cornelius Mwalwanda (Director of Economic Affairs), Zikhale Ng’oma (Director of Strategic Planning) Ken Kandodo (Deputy Director, Strategic Planning), Sosten Gwengwe (Deputy Director, Economic Affairs), Catherine Gotani Hara (Deputy Secretary General), Halima Daud (Deputy Treasurer General).

The new crop of leadership frustrated all the MCP old guards and silenced them in a very systematic way as per the plan of the think-tank. Mia was told to wield much power using his financial muscle. He did exactly that and controlled the decision making process in the party. MCP became horribly divided, and so toxic in its division. From the moment PP team sauntered into MCP, everyone has been constantly screaming at each other, and the lack of trust among the few remaining old guards has steadily ratcheted up to the point that deranged people have now started acting crazy and that cannot do anything but pour salt on the wounds of a bitterly divided party.

Joyce Banda came in handy as she approached ‘her boys’ and told them she is withdrawing her candidature to support Chakwera and MCP. This came as nutritious food to the ears of the MCP and its supporters. They have no idea of the evil plan. The next step is to take out Chakwera if MCP wins within the first 9 months after May 2019 so that Mia would fully take over MCP. Again the Wits Think Tank reasoned that Mia is manipulatable and they could make him a puppet leader. Already, Mia started creating his own parallel structures in MCP and everybody knows this. But Mia doesn’t know it is not his plan.

JB’s plan to capture MCP is a disgusting assault on the party and its followers and must be stopped at all costs. If she is not stopped, she plans to turn the party into a family estate and plans to have her son Roy Kachale as the torch bearer in 2024.

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