Chakwera says he will let police investigate jetgate

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera says he will let the police investigate the sale of the presidential jet if he is elected president in the May 21 elections.

The issue involves a Malawi presidential jet which was sold by the Joyce Banda administration and whose proceeds were not accounted for.

Chakwera had been calling for a probe into the sale of the presidential jet as the deal was believed to be corrupt.

Banda’s People’s Party and Chakwera’s MCP have now joined forces ahea of the 2019 elections.

Asked about the jet at a press conference the two leaders held today, Chakwera said he will let the police deal with issue.

“Relevant institutions will handle that. But what is important is that former presidents are respected,” Chakwera said.

While Banda said: There were concerns on the purchase of the jet, from a number of quarters, including our donors. We took the matter of the sale to the cabinet and the cabinet approved.”

On her decision to withdraw from the May 21 presidential race, she said she want to see a better and prosperous Malawi.

“Mother Malawi shall see a turn around and exponents growth if her sons and daughters shall decide to set a side personal egos and aspirations and embrace the common good and unity of purpose,” she explained.

Banda went on to say that the two parties want to uplift Malawi from the economic doldrums and quagmire and make a Malawi where every citizen should enjoy the benefits of their hard won freedom.

She said Malawi’s fortunes can be turned around when her sons and daughters selflessly decide to hold hands and rally behind a common goal and end poverty, it can happen.

She added that the agenda and agreement of the joint Presidential arena is to ensure that Chakwera wins.

Banda claimed that the agreement will not negatively affect her People’s Party.