When thieves crawl into darkness: The story of MCP and PP alliance

It’s over.

The dreams of one Lazarus Chakwera to be the next President of Malawi comes to a rattling end.

It’s not because he is vying for the highest office on the land on MCP ticket, a party of darkness and blood. A party that if voted into power will obviously take their trademark barbaric, medieval campaign of torture, mayhem and death to a whole new level of sickening depravity.

It’s not because MCP are slowly regaining their killer instinct by teaming up with the Muslim brotherhood, a terrorist group which has been bankrolling their campaign after Chakwera’s running mate and MCP’s vice president Sidik Mia brokered a deal between MCP and the Muslim brotherhood to rig the May 2019 presidential elections and in turn give them the freedom to use Malawi as their major center for recruitment of jihadists and training base for terrorists.

It’s not because MCP is the epitome of tribalism. Their National Executive Committee is made up of people from the central region only. Recently, they vehemently denied two Members of Parliament from the northern region the chance of being Leader of Opposition on the pretext that they are not Chewas and the party is for the people from central region.

And it’s definitely not because MCP are a bunch of lying shysters who cannot be trusted. Their manifesto is full of unrealistic ambitions that are an absolute insult to the electorate.

Dream Team?

No, the reason why MCP will not make it back to the State House is because in their desperate attempt to win the presidential elections, they have pulled the unthinkable; an alliance with cash gate queen Joyce Banda and her PP. It is an alliance of thieves and killers. Malawians simply don’t trust Joyce Banda, that is why she miserably lost the 2014 presidential election as a sitting president.

The cash gate scandal that engulfed her short stint in power is still raging as ferociously as it was back then, in fact more so. It won’t go away because it all stinks to high heaven and nobody believes almost anything she says about it. It stinks just like the 31-year rule of MCP. This alliance of thieves and murderers is deemed increasingly devious, shifty, if not downright dodgy.

This alliance, surely, is outrageously insensitive and an insult to the grieving people whose loved ones were maimed and killed by MCP, not to mention those who suffered and are still suffering in many ways because of cash gate. This alliance is the worst thing to happen to the nation since slavery.

A Malawi run by this despicable alliance would be a shameful place. One where intolerance is king and death is inconsequential. The two parties do not understand that the primary job of any leader is to defend their people, and to do so with a clarity of vision and policy. That is why they are prepared to chop and change their views on a whim just to secure votes.

Lazarus Chakwera and Joyce Banda are no strange bedfellows. In 2014, as Joyce Banda was finding it hard to stomach her loss and hand over power to APM, the two met and agreed to nullify the election results and call for a fresh presidential election which Joyce Banda was meant to withdraw and support Chakwera’s candidature. Thankfully, their attempt to circumvent the constitution shamefully failed. They love to bill themselves as charming, respectable, humble, smart brain politicians. However, in reality they are an unpleasant, arrogant, sneering pieces of work.

To Chakwera and Joyce Banda, the message is very to you; your secret alliance never worked in 2014 and it will not work in 2019. You are parties of darkness, blood and thieves. History will forever remember you as that.

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  1. Why did this author not write a similar article when UTM formed an alliance with PP? Isn’t this a one-sided discussion? Let us at all cost try to avoid writing stories that bring confusion in the country.

  2. That’s stupid thinking, Mighty Mcp is not desperate APM, DPP and all the citizens of Malawi knows that Mcp is destined to win the elections Jb is innocent she is got the well fare of people at heart,,DPp is the one behind cash gate, thieves and murderers which is why Malawi is saying no to this kind of leadership…. Its time for servant leadership the one Chakwera is preaching about and therefore the doors are open for ang party that is got similar manifesto except the Dpp and son utm which have nothing to do with poor Malawians all they know is to rob our tax money…..

  3. Walemba izi ndi wa dpp nankafumbwe weniweini siunalembe za dpp bwanji is it a clean party?

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