UTM’s Kalindo arrested

Bon Kalindo

Police in Machinga have arrested UTM Director of Youth Bon Kalindo, days after President Peter Mutharika accused him of conniving with a prisoner to make a malicious recording.

Kalindo has been taken into custody at Machinga Police Station.

Bon Kalindo
Kalindo: arrested again

According to reports, the former Member of Parliament for Mulanje South has been arrested over the clip which circulated on social media in which a person claimed that Mutharika is involved in the killings of persons with albinism.

On Monday during the swearing-in ceremony for the commission of inquiry on the attacks, abductions and killings of persons with albinism, Mutharika said government has evidence that Kalindo convinced a prisoner to make the recording.

“We now have witnesses who are testifying that one UTM member, Mr. Bon Kalindo, connived with one prisoner in order to create a recording that formulates an impression that I was involved in the events we are complaining about. This malicious recording was circulated on social media with that malicious intent,” Mutharika said.

Kalindo was also arrested in January for allegedly insulting the president which is contrary to Section 4 of protected flags, emblem and names Act as well as disorderly conduct at a police station contrary to Section 153(1) of Police Act.

The cases are still in court but Kalindo was released on bail.



  1. Yes a lot of highy end politicians are involved in Albinism killings and they can help anything on that they are hiding pretending as if they don’t know about it eg Dausi talked nosense about Pple with Albinism ,Politicians are Hiden DEVILS:Puppets

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