Bushiri fulfills K20m pledge to South Africa: City of Joburg salutes Major 1

Major 1

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri on Thursday fulfilled the K20 million pledge he made to South Africa’s fire victims when he handed over several items to 375 beneficiaries.

City of Joburg has since the Prophet for the gesture to fire victims of Alexandra, a high density residential area in the city.

About 380 people, from over 25 families in the area, lost their possession due to fire that raged and left their homes in rubble.

Major 1

Official from City of Joburg Niel Rooi told the gathering that it is always a great honour to have people who pledge and fulfil them, adding:

“We appreciate Prophet Bushiri’s gesture and we wish him and the church great life for touching the lives of people in Alexandra.”

Bushiri visited the area last week to appreciate the damage and also stand with the victims in prayer. He promised to return this week after making a pledge of K20 million (R400 000).

The ECG leader, renowned for his philanthropic work, returned to the area on Thursday with assorted basic items, worth about R400 000, meant to help the victims start a new lease of life.

Over 380 people received packs of maize meal, cooking oil, soap, blankets, clothes, sugar, salt and several other commodities.

Children’s books, clothes, shoes and supplies were also part of the packages delivered to the victims.

In an interview, Bushiri said he had come to Alexandra as, expected, a man of God though not to preach the word but to demonstrate it.

“We have not come here with the Bible to preach to you that God loves you. We have come here with these items to preach to you, by demonstrating, that God loves you. This is a message we have brought and you, too, should emulate it when your neighbor is in want and need,” he said.



  1. That’s my dad thank you so much.you really a true prophet

  2. May God bless u more even tender guys in our country they eating alone forgetting the poors even the party leading what has it done for those ppl it will make a difference in their life

  3. This world it’s going somewhere were everyone is asking his/her questions,,,,,,,,,

  4. Hahaha….u r going to jail, that money you donated with is our parents ‘s pension.

  5. You stand for us in South Africa,proud of you man of God keep it up

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