Entrepreneur Sukez urges youth to master talent


Gift Sukali, well known by his professional name Sukez, has urged Malawian youth to master their talent business perception and networking.

The professional videographer is a self-made millionaire who succeeded his dream out of his talent and passion.

Despite having a college degree, Sukez has never used it to apply any job but eventually ventured in entrepreneurship the moment he acknowledged his talent in photography and videography.

He currently owns a multi-million company: HD Plus Creations situated in Lilongwe.

Gift Sukez Sukali believes his success came out of three things. Discovering one’s passion is the most essential as it enables one to unveil inner talents. Once talent is discovered in oneself, Sukez advises that one goes through preparing themselves how to further utilize their charisma for business purposes.

“You should go into preparation, when you prepare and feel ready to push you should go into finding a platform and discovering the people that will like your talent,” said Sukez in one of his motivational speeches at Ekari Foundation in Phalombe.

Speaking on a consequential point of view, Sukez urged youths to start business with the little they can manage to gather bearing in mind that Malawi’s financial system does not provide capital for business to her youths.