Phyzix challenges politicians


Veteran rapper Noel Chikoleka alias Phyzix is sending a strong message to politicians as this year’s tripartite elections draw closer.

The Cholapitsa hit maker uses the art to pose a brilliant question to those in politics. In his song entitled Mutipatsa, Phyzix spits strong bars which are in line with the hot subject of politics as elections beckon.

Phyzix: has challenged politicians

In the song, the rapper cites issues like security, the welfare of women and persons with albinism, and scarcity of jobs and business opportunities. He asks the politicians if they will address the aforementioned issues once voted into power.

The song largely speaks against using the youth for morale, when they have countless unaddressed issues. He condemns the youths who paint themselves in party colours as a matter of loyalty.

“Osamazipenta, mukapita ku misonkhano kumamva mfundo, osamangoti boma ilo (refrain from painting yourself in party colours, when you attend political rallies, listen to speeches instead of screaming for the parties.)

Mutipatsa is a true reflection of the reality on the ground. In the present Malawi, the issues addressed in the song are order of the day. As such, the youth are being reminded that they have the power to employ those who can address their needs.

Chikoleka came out strong in the song despite others arguing that he long lost the music stamina. Mutipatsa will remain relevant until the status quo will be challenged.