CCJP against chiefs’ malpractices


With two months remaining for the country to go for the tripartite elections, Catholic Commission For Justice and Peace (CCJP) has reminded  chiefs the importance of observing code of conduct as a way of preventing political violence.

Speaking on Friday 8th March on the sidelines of a stakeholders meeting that attracted traditional leaders, governors, pastors and Malawi Electoral Commission, Dedza CCJP Coordinator Lawles Puliti emphasised on the negative impacts of  malpractices conducted by some chiefs who are campaigning for their favourite candidates.

Puliti said it is worrisome development to observe that some chiefs are deliberately ignoring electoral laws, a practice that he mentioned as a cause of violence among different parties.

“I urge you chiefs to refrain from any bad conduct that will contribute to violence as we are approaching the campaign period. We don’t want to see what happened during primary elections in some other constituencies, let us practice clean politics as despite our differences we are all Malawians,” said Puliti.

According to Puliti, another worrisome development is the trend of supporting political parties by civil servants that he said is a major factor that is contributing to violence.

“We are worried to note that our efforts are ending in vain because some civil servants belong to a political party and they have power to control everything. This is also hindering police from working effectively especially when the one breaking the law belongs to the ruling party, I urge you leaders to stop abusing your powers because those who are suffering are poor Malawians,” he added.

One of the participants, Pastor Andrew Kapulula concurred with Puliti’s statement saying politicians are major agents of violence a development that is retarding development.

Kapulula said politicians are to be blamed for most of the violence which emanate as a result of politics.

He said leaders should always bear in mind that during a competition one person wins and they should do their campaigns with positive mind as defaming one another cannot develop the country.

These sentiments have come as Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) is set to launch Campaign on March 19 for the parties to sell their manifestos as Malawians are going to the long awaited 21st May.