Nomads fans take swipe at management over kit colours

…says club slowly losing its tradition…

Be Forward Wanderers fans have reacted angrily at their club’s decision to continue killing the Nomads’ traditional blue and white colours.

This comes after the club revealed their new home and away kit for the 2019 season.

The Nomads, who will now use Umbro, unveiled an orange jersey for their home games and a black jersey with orange stripes for their away games.

Nomads: Supporters against orange kit

Soon after the club posted on their official Facebook page, supporters reacted angrily, saying the management should have pleaded with sponsors Be Forward to allow the club to use the traditional blue and white colors for their home games.

“So sad that we are killing our traditional colors, the famous blue and white colors that bear our history. Nowhere in the world do clubs follow colors of their sponsors. What if this sponsorship ends tomorrow? Are we going to adopt the colors of the next sponsors? Please bring back our colours ,” wrote Brian Tamandani Chaima.

Another comment from Kathy Nawata Moyo read: “Where is the blue and white kit? Bring it back please.”
Martin Kaonga blasted Wanderers’ management for putting money first than the club’s history.

“This is not good at all. Our management has sacrificed the club for money at the expense of our history, why saying yes to everything? Does it mean the sponsors cannot pay attention to your concerns? Blue and white are out traditional colours, we ain’t happy with the foreign colors you have imposed on our club,” he said.

While Ernest Chauma said: “We need our blue color. The fact that they are pumping in huge amount of money doesn’t guarantee them to separate us from our ancestral colours.”

Another fan, Riaz Abdullah Nkhoma, rapped the team’s executive for turning the blue and white colors into a training kit.

“Where is our blue? You cannot put blue for training and green for games, who is coming up with these ridiculous ideas?” He wondered.

“Management, have you thrown your intelligence to the dogs? Why killing the traditional blue and white colors which has a history for our club?

Sponsors should not dictate the choice of colors for the team. Their brand can always be reflected on the existing traditional team colors. Please go back to the negotiation table and fix this problem before its too late, we need our history back,” wrote Isaac Azenco Mkandawire.

One supporter questioned if the sponsors were told that the team uses blue and white colors.

“Were the sponsors ever made aware of our traditional colors?” Wondered Wavisanga Mvula.

For the past four seasons, the Nomads have been using orange colours to promote their Japanese sponsors, killing their traditional blue and white colors.


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  1. The company is doing all this because Wanderers does not have a permanent name. The understanding is that each time the club changes its name to that of its sponsor , it is obliged to follow the dictates of the sponsor including colors. For how long will Wanderers keep on changing its name?

    In other countries, we have been hearing of Simba of Tanzania, Ahly of Egypt, Esperance of Tunisia and the names never changed because they are a permanent entity governed by a professional setup..Why can’t Wanderers be either called Limbe Wanderers or Blantyre Wanderers or Bangwe Wanderers?

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