Mutharika tells Chakwera to reveal solutions for ending attacks against persons with albinism

President Peter Mutharika has challenged Malawi Congress Party leader Dr Lazarus Chakwera to share solutions that could end attacks against Malawians with albinism which, media reports show, have claimed the lives of at least 18 people with albinism since 2014.

The Malawi leader said Chakwera should not wait for three more months until May, before providing solutions that could save persons with albinism.

President Peter Mutharika and his running mate Chimulirenji

He was speaking at a whistle stop tour at Shoprite Roundabout in Mzuzu on Tuesday, on return from Mzimba District where he commissioned a multi-billion dollar water Project.

Professor Mutharika criticised Chakwera for politicizing the fight against attacks on people with albinism.

He challenged Dr Chakwera to share his solutions with Government than wait for three more months until May, before providing solutions that could save lives of Malawians with albinism.

“There are some people who are politicizing the issue of people with albinism. Some people are saying that they have a solution for this issue, if He [Dr Chakwera] has a solution, why not tell us now than wait for three months until May?

“Alibe mfundo [They are clueless].  You must stop this nonsense,” Mutharika said.

Reacting to attacks from opposition leaders that the Malawi Government is failing to find solutions to the ritual murder, Mutharika said that his government has already started putting in place measures to protect people with albinism.

“Let us stop violence against people with albinism. We have already adopted a tracking device to protect thousands of people with albinism in the Country.

“And we have a programme to put 43 albino youth into boarding school, to protect them. We are also including people with albinism in the Malata and Cement Subsidy programme,”Mutharika said.

The President, also labelled members of the opposition as “clueless” on the development of Malawi for failing to respond to his calls to collaborate with the Government in providing solution to Malawi’s development woes when he extended an olive branch after taking office in 2014.

In his re-election plea, Mutharika also labelled MCP as a brutal Party that will kill many people if voted back into power.

“MCP is a very brutal Party. If you vote for them on May 21, you will be choosing to go backwards.  On May 21 you can either choose light or darkness. MCP is clueless and if you vote for them, you are choosing darkness.  All we are asking for is five more years so that we can continue these development projects that we are already doing,” Mutharika said.

Before President Mutharika took the stage, Transport Minister Jappie Mhango promised Mutharika massive votes and a landslide win in the Northern Region in the May 21 Tripartite Elections.

“Mr President, you will get all the votes here in the North. Others tried to hold a rally here but they have failed because there were only a few people,” Mhango said.

The meeting was also attended by DPP leaders including Presidential Advisor on Youth Affairs Simon Vuwa Kaunda, Minister of Sports Grace Obama Chiume and, Chiefs including; Traditional Authority  Kabunduli of Nkhata Bay, the representative of Chief Chikulamayembe of the Tumbuka and throngs of DPP supporters.

At the whistle-stop, the representative of the Tumbuka Chief Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe, praised Mutharika for   equitable distribution of development Projects in the Country and not sidelining the North.

President Mutharika who also announced that his government is scheduled to commence construction of administration houses for the Mombera University in Mzimba District, said that he will stay in the Northern Region until Saturday 9th March where he plans to commission several development projects including the Karonga Water Supply Project and NkhataBay Water Project.



  1. Thanks Mr President to ask chakwera to help government to protect albino not to wetting until to be President.

  2. This proves that you have failed Honourable APM, how do you expect voters to mandate you another term when you have confessed your failure to lead Malawian? Just asking.

  3. Ha ha ha stupid president having no solutions to protect his own country what a fool…… You can fool some people sometimes but not all the people all the time… Come may 21Mcp boma

  4. Time upstart packing I wonder if you will go back to the USA or face in Jail for corruption charges

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