Police attack persons with albinism


Police this afternoon blocked persons with albinism and other protesters from going to State House where they wanted to deliver a petition and hold a vigil.

The protesters were first blocked at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) but were later allowed to pass through. However, they were blocked again when they reached close to the gate of State House.

Police blocking persons with albinism

The demonstrations which started at Lilongwe community ground this morning were very peaceful.

The demonstrators including Civil Society Organisations were walking while carrying placards and singing their songs.

However, they were stopped at BICC where police mounted a human wall saying the protestors should present the petition to the chief secretary Lloyd Muhara at Capital hill.

But the idea angered the protestors who said they will only present the petition 100 meters away from the State House until the president comes.

But after some time, APAM President Overstone Kondowe together with Timothy Mtambo were called by police to discuss the way forward.

In their discussions, police asked them to do the same way of meeting the chief secretary but they refused and told the police to call the Secretary to come to BICC saying failure to do so they will go to State house by their own force.

Later, the protesters were allowed to proceed to State House but were stopped again when they got close to State House.



  1. I disagree with the headline(police attack persons with albinism) . I read the whole story but to my surprise the police did not attack the demonstrators rather they just refused them entry to the statehouse hence no attack took place.Correct me if i am wrong. Thank you.

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