Mwenefumbo condemns Chimulirenji  


United Democratic Front (UDF) running mate Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo on Sunday condemned Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) running mate Everton Chimulirenji for forcing him to reschedule his rally in Mzuzu.

According to Mwenefumbo, the UDF rally was expected to take place on Saturday but Chimulirenji forced authorities to slot in his rally on the same day.

Mwenefumbo during the rally

Chimulirenji’s rally took place on Saturday and Mwenefumbo’s event was moved to Sunday.

Speaking at the rally, Mwenefumbo said he was   disappointed with the way Chimulirenji is acting.

“We booked the venue two weeks ago and we followed all protocols; we went to the city and to police as well and they gave us a go ahead but on Friday we learnt that the DPP running mate told the city council to cancel our rally just because he is also doing a rally in the same day, that’s not democracy,” he said.

On his use of AFORD colours, Mwenefumbo challenged that no one can stop him from using the cloth.

“Everybody is free to use the party cloth as an AFORD member and no one can stop me.

“If there is someone who is stopping using the cloth why is it that the cloth is in public shops for sale, why? If they want let them withdraw all party cloth from public shops,” said Mwenefumbo.

The rally was attended by both UDF and AFORD NEC members.