FJA Launched in Salima

The newly formed Football Journalist Association (FJA) was launched in Salima on Friday.

In his remarks, interim Chairperson Joy Ndovi said FJA is not a breakaway group from Sports Writers Association of Malawi SWAM and there is no enmity between two groups.

FJA members during the launch

“FJA is a group of football journalists and let me tell you that this group is not a breakaway from SWAM and if you don’t know when this thing was starting SWAM president Mphatso Malidadi was among the people who contributed on this thing and there are no boundaries or enmity between two groups,” said Ndovi.

He added that the association is here to stay and asked Football Association of Malawi and other sports organisations to start recognizing the association.

Chairperson for southern region Thumbs Up League Raphael Humba said the regional leagues have welcomed the grouping.

“I am here representing the all three regional football associations of Northern, southern and central region football associations and we are happy with this association and we are going to support you and we are much thank full for you reporters how you are working for example you are making a lot of noise and from that noise you are making you are promoting the game of football in the southern region and entire north and central regions,” he said.

Marking the launch of FJA Chief Executive Officer Alfred Gift Gunda who was the guest of honor representing FAM president said FAM is happy to work hand in hand with FJA to promote the game of football in Malawi.

“Today we are marking the historic moment as the FJA is launching its association, as FAM we are humbled to support you in all cost as we know FAM cannot move without journalist especially who are writing football.

“We urge you to give the best work as you have power to build or to destroy the game of football, lets us join hands to promote the game of football in the country,” he said.

He added that this industry is giving bread and butter to people like players, administrators and as FAM it is their duty to protect the game of football.

At the event, Olumba Mafuta from Umoyo FM received an award as the only female member of the association and was refunded her membership fee. On top of that she was given a free membership for 2020 and automatically she has been ushered into main exco.

Joy Ndovi is the current interim chairperson as Mavuto Kambuwe as General Secretary.

Rab processors, SWAM, FAM and Sky line were the main sponsors at the event.