T.B. Joshua runs away from a woman tormented by ghosts


Prophet T.B. Joshua shocked his followers when he ran away from a lady who was seeing dead people.

The woman, according to a clip posted on the official YouTube channel of T.B. Joshua’s Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), started seeing dead people soon after the death of her child.

Her interactions with ‘the dead’ had dire consequences as life began slowly ebbing away from her. She claimed that the ghosts would follow up and even join her for meals. Her child was also one of the ghosts who would torment her with nightmares.

After prophetically calling her out for deliverance, the woman fell before T.B. Joshua as a worshiping curtsy to the televangelist for her deliverance.

However, T.B. Joshua humbly skidded  away from the woman who was lying down before kneeling a few yards away from her. In the process, T.B. Joshua can be heard declaring that the prophecy and deliverance were from Jesus and that Him alone deserves worshiping.

After being prayed for, the woman claimed the ghosts had stopped tormenting her.

Watch the full clip below.



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