12 men gang rape underage girl


Twelve men in Chikwawa ambushed and dragged a 14-year-old girl to a nearby bush where they raped her, one after the other.

Police have so far arrested six of the suspected rapists.

Chikwawa Police Spokesperson, Constable Foster Benjamin said the incident occurred in the area of Senior Chief Makhuwira in Chikwawa district.

Benjamin said the victim’s grandmother sent her to the grocery and on her way she met the gang. The men then dragged the girl to a bush where each one of them raped her.

After the men had left, the girl crept to the roadside and some well-wisher carried her home.

“The girl is in severe pain and we think she is psychologically affected. We don’t know why such a barbaric act has happened there,” said Constable Benjamin.

Meanwhile, police have arrested six of the men. They are Smart Lapken, Fanuel Makwayo, Kingsley George, all aged 21, Alfred Njobvu, 18, and a 17 year-old boy.



  1. Russell Kondowe you’ve to revise your story before posting, the headline says 12 men gang raped underage girl. But take a look inside your story it’s different, “one of them raped the her” timve ziti apa???

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