DPP storms Rumphi as eight key UTM members defect from the party

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice president for the North Goodall Gondwe and treasure general of the ruling party, Jappie Mhango, Saturday stormed Jacqueline Kouwenhoven’s (independent) constituency, Rumphi West urging people to vote for DPP government.

Speaking to the masses that gathered at Bolelo Primary School, Gondwe asked the people to vote wisely by saying people from Rumphi west should not mke the mistake of voting for an opposition member of parliament.

“The future of Rumphi is in your hands, you people of Rumphi west, have the key to development that is why I am asking you to vote wisely and voting wisely would mean voting for President Peter Mutharika and all DPP aspirants,” said Gondwe
He further added that it is only the DPP led Government that has shown love for the people of North ever since it was voted into power.

“We have a lot of developments that the DPP administration has done in the north, look at the NJakwa-Livingstonia road, Rumphi Bolero road, Rumphi teachers Training collage (TTC) just to mention a few,” explained Gondwe .

During the rally, DPP welcomed eight UTM regional members who defected from the party, 37 MCP members and 57 UDF members.

Speaking after welcoming the defected members, Jappie Mhango said this is a true indication that people are convinced that DPP will remain in power come 21 may 2019,

Mhango further said people defecting from the newly formed parties like UTM is a sign that UTM is disorganized hence people are dispersing out of the party.

Rumphi district has four constituencies and out of the four only one constituency, Rumphi North, has a Member of Parliament for DPP, Jappie Mhango who is the party’s treasure general.