Chimulirenji urges people to come forward with information on killings of persons with albinism


President Peter Mutharika’s running mate , Everton Chimulirenji, has condemned attacks on persons with albinism and has urged people with information to come forward.

Chimulirenji, who is also Minister of Civic Education made the statement when he addressed a political rally at Masintha ground in Lilongwe to familiarize himself with Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Chimulirenji arrives at Masintha

He said these barbaric acts have deeply traumatized people with albinism as they can no longer enjoy their rights to freely move around and also the most precious of all rights, the right to life.

“I would like to ask those with information to come forward and share it with security agencies so that our brothers and sisters with albinism can be protected,” said Chimulirenji.

The mutilation and murder of people with albinism is often linked to witchcraft.

Some witchdoctors say that magic charms are more powerful if they contain body parts from people with albinism – this has led to a lucrative criminal trade in these body parts.

In his address, Chimulirenji also asked people who attended the rally to vote for President Mutharika for development projects to continue.

He cited the cancer centre in Lilongwe as one of the poster projects of Professor Peter Mutharika which will help save lots of lives.

“The government has been spending millions of kwacha treating cancer patients abroad while many others have died in their homes because they could not afford such treatment due to financial constraints.

“This facility will enable a lot of such families to access cancer treatment within the country and hence save lives,” he said.

Speaking earlier, Uladi Mussa assured Chimulirenji of DPP support since he was chosen by the president himself and nobody has the authority to challenge the president’s choice.


DPP Secretary General, Grezelder Jefrey also praised President Mutharika for several development projects taking place in the central region such as the Salima-Lilongwe water project, Kamuzu International Airport upgrade and an upscale operating theatre at Kamuzu Central Hospital among others.

She then asked the people who attended the rally to vote for president Mutharika for the country to develop further.

Several cabinet ministers such as Jean Kalirani of Lands and Samuel Tembenu, Minister of Justice attended the rally among others.

Malawi will hold tripartite elections to elect president, members of parliament and councilors on May 21, this year.

Source: Mana



  1. The government is not serious asking for information through public rallies. Let’s protect key suspects to give the information. Security agencies should not be acting as if they’re protecting certain groups of people.

  2. It is sad that you’re looking for information and yet your own security agencies are not providing security to the key informant who end up being killed in the hands of police. I wonder where is the seriousness of this government and Everton Chimulirenji in particular for asking people to provide the information if it’s own security agencies are allowing key suspects to die in their own hands. Please be serious

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