Boxers concerned over lack of boxing ring

Boxers in the North have expressed concern over lack of a boxing ring in the region.

Obrigado Leisure Park was the only place that accommodated boxing but the venue was closed last month.

The group that met in Mzuzu

On Saturday, concerned members in the North including boxers and promoters had a meeting at Queens Park to discuss the future of the sport.

Speaking at the meeting, the group said they are now looking for another venue around Mzuzu and suggested to build a boxing centre at Queens Park along Mzuzu Mzimba M1 road close to Bishop filling station.

They also agreed to construct a movable boxing ring that will be used in areas like Rumphi, Karonga, Mzimba and other places in Mzuzu.

One of the boxers, Mwayipopa Yahaya said lack of boxing ring is killing boxing in the North.

“How can we improve our skills with the way it is now, we don’t have boxing ring here in the North and we are asking the top officials to help us to have ring and if possible the mobile ring,” said Yahaya.

Northern Region boxing chairperson Dastan Nyamazi said it’s time to resume the sport.

“We agreed to have a ring probably a movable ring. We want to resume playing the game of boxing and our boys are ready to return in the ring soon end March,” said Nyamazi.

People who attended included National director of research at Malawi professional control boxing board Gibson Chisale, boxers Laston Kayira, Malani Kayuni, Gabriel Chirwa and Lewis Nkhata as well as promoters Kane One, Baghdad Mwamlima and Gabriel Kondowe coach Lesco Simwanza.