Mass exodus in UTM: 2,000 members join DPP in Nsanje


Over 2,000 UTM members in the South constituency in Nsanje have defected to the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

This occured at Mtowe in the area of Chief Ndamera in Nsanje district where the DPP Member of Parliament, Thomson Kamangira, conducted a political rally on Friday.

Leader of the UTM members, George Frank Mlolo told the gathering that he and his followers decided to support the incumbent parliamentarian because his manifesto is being implemented.

Mlolo who was parliamentary aspirant for the constituency for the forthcoming tripartite elections said he was greatly convinced with development coming to Nsanje South hence his decision to join the ruling DPP.

“I have decided to withdraw my UTM candidature for the constituency because the governing DPP through the current Member of Parliament has began implementing the two major projects of my dream the Nsanje- Marka Road and Limbe- Marka Railway line,” Mlolo told the rally.

He was quick to point out that the Nsanje-Marka road which is due to kickoff and the Limbe- Marka railway are the projects which were forcing him to contest as a parliamentarian for the constituency.

“These were the main problems of the people of Nsanje South,” Mlolo said.

In his remarks, the DPP Parliamentarian, Thomson Kamangira thanked George Frank Mlolo and his group for coming to the governing DPP.

Kamangira who is the torch bearer for the DPP in the constituency asked the defectors to be free and assist the party to achieve the much awaited 21st May landslide victory.

“There will be an official welcoming of Mlolo and his group once the President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika visits the constituency in the near future,” the Parliamentarian said.

On this point, the MP called on all DPP diehards to closely work with the newly joining members.

Also attending the rally were DPP aspiring Councillors Christopher Chikoti and Robert Chabvi for Nyachilenda ward and Matundu Wards respectively.



  1. If the exodus is not a faked one UTM think twice. Look back and find out what’s wrong. Many people are moving out of the party. Why? This is party I support though from far. Please do something. Ndamvanso ku Rumphi, Chikwawa and Karonga. This is bad development for our party. Akuluakulu chitamponi kanthu

  2. Bodza!…Kennedy Mostavo nde Shadow MP wa UTM kuno ku Nsanje South Constituency.

  3. so u the DPP is aware now that UTM has members even in the remote areas/villages eti?? Though I wonder if the so called mass exodus members were really UTM guys. We know how these things are done esp. wen the party is cornered and tries to convince pple that it has a little influence left.

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