DPP unleashes cadets to intimidate Chakwera


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) yesterday unleashed its youth to intimidate Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera as he wanted to address a rally at Luchenza.

Chakwera had made stops on several trading centres for brief presentations to his followers and as he was approaching Luchenza trading center, a mob of DPP cadets who wore masks and party t-shirts blocked the way with logs and rocks.

DPP supporters blocked Chakwera’s way

They also parked a truck on the road and made it impossible for MCP vehicles to reach Mulanje.

Avoiding disputes, MCP vehicles had to change their path to reach Luchenza where Chakwera successfully made a stop to talk to his followers.

Reacting upon such intimidations, the MCP president said he was very disappointed by the act as he regards every place in Malawi to be his home.

“My daughter’s husband comes from this area, which means I have long been welcomed by my family here, so I can’t stop just because of political intimidation. But most of all, I regard this as my home and its people as my own because every part of Malawi belongs to all of us and is home to each of us. Cadet sangandiopsyeze,” Chakwera said.